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Basic Math is Now Within Everyone's Grasp

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    You Teach You is flat out amazing. My son is able to sit down, see the examples, and do it himself - and he likes it! I can easily follow along; it's laid out so that anyone can understand it. The fact that the work is done on paper means he's learning how to actually do math, not just click buttons on a screen. I'm excited that this will be a whole curriculum. A+”

    Seattle, WA


    A way for students to get caught up with whole number operations, fractions, decimals and percentages - by teaching themselves! With a groundbreaking 1-to-1 ratio of pre-worked examples to practice problems, and with instant and self-explanatory feedback, the You Teach You series allows anyone to master basic math at their own pace, with complete understanding, and in a fraction of the time other methods take.

    Best of all

    The You Teach You method flat-out works. Developed by 30-year teaching veteran and creator of Steve Hare, and battle-tested with hundreds of his own students and others, You Teach You produces dramatic and demonstrable results, both in the moment and at assessment time. Want your child to master basic math operations for real and for good? You Teach You is for you!

    ​Perfect for children learning basic operations from scratch, for students in the middle grades preparing for more complex math, for anyone at any age seeking to fill in gaps in their memory or knowledge, or for teachers and parents working with students at any level, there’s never been a basic math program like You Teach You. Now basic math is within everyone’s grasp!

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